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General Customers Roadblocks

Imagine your business as a sleek sports car, primed for a thrilling drive to success. Yet, as you hit the accelerator, you encounter not just one, but several unexpected roadblocks—like a flat tyre, engine trouble, and a mysterious rattling sound—hindering your journey forward.

Did you know that

71% of senior business technology decision-makers are disappointed with B2B marketing content0

70% of your marketing materials are currently unused by your sales team1

Salespeople spend an astonishing 30 hours a month searching for or creating their own content2

Approximate 64% of your sales team's precious time, is burned in non-selling activities3

Shockingly, 77% of B2B sales and marketing teams are not aligned4

0Marketing Insights

The traditional training status quo often overlooks crucial aspects

Training should always align with business needs, starting with business metrics that highlight the problem. This approach should address the underlying reasons for employee performance issues, including skills, motivation, knowledge, procedures, tools, organizational culture, and environment. Most importantly, traditional training lacks emphasis on lead metrics and accountability. Contrary to common belief, "training" does not solve everything1,2

Engagement and relevance are frequently lacking in many training methods. Hands-on activities directly related to job tasks are often missing, and 1995-style white noise materials contribute to disengagement and poor retention. Additionally, inadequate follow-up and coaching exacerbate these issues3,2

1Cathy Moore's action mapping methodology
2Luis Fernandez - Wow Deck's CEO & Founder
3Michael Allen's e-learning principles


Drive Trust, Slash Preparation Time, and Gain a Competitive Edge!

Like high-performance sports car, Wow Deck accelerates your business to new speeds. Our services and product offer the following

Boost Achievement of Strategic Objectives
Clearer Communication
0 - 100KM/H
Enhanced Audience Engagement and Experience
Set You Apart from Competitors
Elevated Team Motivation
Max. power
Increased Confidence
Elevated and Innovative Status
Enhanced Productivity
Increased Revenue
Quick Win with high ROI


Wow Deck operates like the stages of a high-performance sports car race, each crucial for a successful journey.

Collaborating closely, we build compelling value arguments aligned with your audience's needs, guiding them along their journey.
Launching your messaging into a clear, visual story with powerful calls to action, engaging your audience effectively
Deploying dynamic assets and interactive experiences across various channels, empowering your teams for success
Maintaining the freshness and effectiveness of your brand, and equipping your team for consistent communication and future success


Under the hood - precision tools for maximum performance, driving trust, saving time, and gaining a competitive edge

Our presentation and training are like turbocharged sports cars, packed with features that ignite your success into overdrive

  • Messaging Workshop. Achieve outcomes that accelerate you into pole position.
  • Customer-Centric Messaging. Navigate your message with the precision of a seasoned rally driver.
  • Non-Linear Navigation. Cruise through your content with the agility of a sports car on winding roads.
  • Storytelling Enhancement. Boost your impact with the horsepower of a high-performance engine.
  • Presentation Specialists. Accelerate towards success with a team dedicated to your mission.
  • Implementation Support. Get ready to launch with full-throttle support.
  • Social Media Integration. Extend your reach like a turbo charger on your brand's engine.
  • Unprecedented Uniqueness. Unleash the "Wow" factor that makes you stand out on the track.
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration. Assemble a winning pit crew for your presentation journey.
  • Scripted. Craft the perfect race strategy for your presentation journey.
  • Optimization. Stay sharp and effective, just like a finely tuned race car.

  • Performance-Driven. Like a sports car, adult training should focus on accelerating employee skills towards business goals.
  • Root Cause. Effective training diagnoses and addresses performance issues like a skilled mechanic pin pointing engine problems.
  • Precision Training Interventions. Targeted interventions fine-tune employee skills to align with specific business needs.
  • Relevance. Training seamlessly integrates into employees' daily tasks, directly applicable to their roles and challenges.
  • Interactive. Engaging training pushes employees to interact, learn, and adapt through simulations and hands-on activities.
  • Continuous Upgrades. Training fosters a culture of continuous learning and development, like regular maintenance for high-performance vehicles.
  • Accountability. Effective training programs track key metrics, ensuring they deliver tangible business results.


Fueling Your Success Journey

Let Us Power your Presentation & Training to the finish line, boosting your results while we handle the heavy lifting.

Luis Fernandez - CEO & Founder
Lana Colesnique - CDO & Founder
Anna Shegelia - Writer and Storyteller
Jennifer Crothers - Writer and Storyteller
Eva Angelova - Graphic Designer
Viktoria Vinichenko - Motion Designer


Empower your conversations and training to boost productivity and revenue.


Raising the bar in every interaction, presentation, and training session.

Problems we address

Unclear, undifferentiated and boring decks.

Mistrust arising from misalignment between your presentation and your image.

Productivity inefficiencies, brand damage, and internal misalignment.

People not doing what they are supposed to do.

What drives us

Experience your audience being wowed by your presentations and training. See your team embrace and excel.

Contributing to your growing revenue.

Inspiring transformational learning experiences.

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